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Bring the power of your online collaborative environment to the project management process. That’s social project management. Project planning with ProjExec combines the power of IBM’s Collaboration environment with full, rigorous, web-based IT project management, creating a platform that goes far beyond simple project task tracking. And ProjExec now includes the world’s first social gantt chart application, which integrates social collaboration directly into your existing project plans.

Social Project Management

Share. Much more than simple task management, ProjExec takes advantage of the collaborative social space — imagine project management tools that encourage participation by taking a page from social networking, integrating the power of social with enterprise-grade project management software to improve project management in any industry.

Project Management Software

Scale. Leverage your investment in the IBM enterprise collaboration platform to bring project management into the social, collaborative realm for businesses of any size, and projects of any scale. Project tracking in a social setting means being agile, scalable and robust — for any information technology project and any project manager.

Project Management Tools

Score. Project management doesn’t have to be top-down. ProjExec web-based project management software includes the “Project Wall”, which brings Facebook’s methodology into a project management app where every participant knows what the next is working on — the next frontier for innovative enterprise project management tools.

Award-Winning Social Media Integration

 A project management plan for the social computing age, ProjExec has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Social Business Solution award from IBM in 2011, as a standout in project portfolio management software. Engage your internal stakeholders with our social gantt chart application as you would your customers — leverage the social structure of your organization.


Project Management Tools

Enterprise project management that integrates with IBM’s collaborative social software suite — online project management tools that deliver improved communication and productivity, in an already familiar architecture. ProjExec captures the power of web project management in the social setting.


Two Versions Now Available

Two versions of our project management software are available: ProjExec Express, a fully-functional essential project portfolio management tool, and ProjExec Enterprise — a comprehensive collaborative project management solution with additional functionality.


What is Social Project Management?

ProjExec for IBM Connections brings the power of ProjExec project management software to the Connections environment. Our multiple award-winning social project management software offers a suite of user-friendly project management tools that operate in your collaborative space, including our unique social gantt chart application environment.


Our software combines the robust features project managers require with an innovative social interface — something that’s intuitive and familiar to anyone who’s ever used a social networking tool such as Facebook. The experience delivers rigorous project management to the enterprise. ProjExec embraces the belief that existing project management tools and best practices will endure, and that the best way to ensure the continuing relevancy of Project Management is to give Project Managers effective tools that integrate with a collaborative environment — allowing them the opportunities to guide a project to a successful completion while still embracing the advantages of group collaboration. ProjExec gets every team member in the same place, and on the same page.


Project Managers know the project plan itself is vital; in ProjExec‘s social planning environment, the plan becomes a living document. As goals are reached and tasks accomplished, the project plan — the center of it all — is automatically updated for everyone involved to see. The Project Wall concept means it isn’t just managers who can track progress and see what’s working best — everyone can. By sharing the plan and its progress with every member of the community in an open, social setting, the plan becomes a central hub, the “heart” of the project — rather than just its head.


Our off-premises hosted option, ProjExec Live, brings the power of ProjExec to the cloud — through a seamless integration with IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. Imagine the flexible, powerful tools of ProjExec, brought to your team as software-as-a-service — updated in real-time, from and to anyone, anywhere in the world.


ProjExec Live is provided as a subscription, allowing subscribers a choice between the feature set of the affordable and robust ProjExec Express or the exhaustive, enterprise-level modules of ProjExec Enterprise so users can customize their experience and develop the ideal social project management system for their team.


A fully-hosted and managed social project management solution in the cloud offers several benefits, such a reduced level of complexity — there’s no software to install on your computers, and any software updates take place automatically, in the cloud. Setup is simple, and the system grows as you use it; there’s no limit to the number of projects you can take on with ProjExec Live.


Finally, ProjExec for IBM Lotus Quickr delivers the promise of the social project management experience to existing IBM Lotus customers who have invested in that platform. ProjExec for Quickr is a powerful, highly-configurable social project management tool that delivers a social project experience for a fraction of the cost of other software. And ProjExec for Quickr offers professional-quality tools to be used within the extremely secure Lotus environment — an affordable option with all the feature-rich capabilities expected in higher priced project management software.


ProjExec is an uncommonly effective means to plan and execute any number of projects, taking full advantage of your company’s existing software investment and leveraging it — ProjExec is a force multiplier, making your current platform better, and fully embracing the power of collaborative work. ProjExec brings your managers, team members, and stakeholders together in new ways — across every IBM social collaboration platform, and even into the cloud. If your business is looking to centralize, simplify, streamline, engage and socialize your project management, ProjExec social project management software with social gantt is ready for your business.

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